Car games - Drag Racer V3

Car games - a category created for all the car fans out there. If like speed, roaring car engines and adrenaline Car games is the category for You. Car games presents all diffenrent types of racing car games such as drag, drift, sprint racing all kinds of other unusual racing games. The best feature of Car games category is that you dont have to have car licence to be able to drive a car. Also, car games allow you to speed and drive anyway you like. This time Car games present a underground racing type game called Drag Racer V3.

Car games - Drag Racer V3 controls and help:

The main objective of Drag Racer V3 is to win a drag race against your oponent. It might sound easy, but shifting gears at the right moment is not that easy. You can also choose to play in a easy, medium or hard way. Once you start the game, you can do anything you like: buy and sell cars, tune their engine, interior, outerior, paint them and etc.


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